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Re: mIRC 'speech' - is possible to script the VR?

Posted By: Julian_P

Re: mIRC 'speech' - is possible to script the VR? - 05/02/19 10:50 PM

Hello mIRC help,

This message is a feature suggestion.

I figured out that mIRC has a inbuilt voicereader in 2018 and I have been making good use of it.

1) Can the voicereader be scripted at all without involving a brain chemist?
; most my pronouns twert unipolar; being a matriarchal son prns may be rudimentary.

This would be in order to
A) Ignore URLs from being read out.
B) The ability for Speech not to readout repetetive messages from chatroom bots.
C) Opportunity to script voice reader in other ways.

Julian P
Posted By: Raccoon

Re: mIRC 'speech' - is possible to script the VR? - 06/02/19 08:12 AM

Hi Julian,

The text-to-speech synthesizer is not actually built-in to mIRC, but mIRC can command and control a speech component that has been installed on your computer. To read more about this feature, refer to this link about Microsoft Agent as well as the command /help Speech within mIRC.

The scripting for this command isn't that difficult, but scripting in general becomes more challenging the more intricate your needs or desires to make it work 'just so.'

I can lend you a hand if you give me a bit more information about your specific needs and how you use mIRC. Are you visually impaired, what are your current challenges getting around in mIRC, what areas is voice synthesis currently working well, not working well, and what considerations would make it easiest for you to use mIRC otherwise?
Posted By: Julian_P

Re: mIRC 'speech' - is possible to script the VR? - 28/02/19 05:49 PM

Hi Raccoon,
thanks for your reply.

1) just some way to program speech in mirc to omit reading lines which consistently start in a certain way..

2) Or to not read out things like URLS.

I'm aware there is an ignore function, but I think speech could be improved with some programability.

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