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Audio Books

Posted By: keengirl

Audio Books - 11/09/18 04:11 PM

I am not sure where to look for this when I am using Mirc and would love to find some audiobooks to download as well any suggestions would be great

Posted By: Raccoon

Re: Audio Books - 11/09/18 08:14 PM

I know that Amazon and Audible both offer a fine selection of audio books at reasonable prices. Hope this helps!
Posted By: Brax

Re: Audio Books - 12/09/18 01:22 AM

For starters you may want to read this Sticky Post

After that you could google "Audiobook" (Plenty of results there - Amazon, LibriVox, Audible - Just to name few)
Posted By: Joyce

Re: Audio Books - 26/09/18 03:11 AM

I usually depend on Amazon, try checking it out I think they have an extensive list of options.
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