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Posted By: nelgin

Biffa? - 24/08/18 03:35 PM

Slightly off topic...

Does anyone remember Biffa from the DALnet #mirc days? I'm trying to get in touch with him. His old demon account seems long gone. If anyone is still in touch, please point me in his direction. Thanks.

Posted By: Raccoon

Re: Biffa? - 25/08/18 04:05 AM

I wonder if your reply to the 1996 alt.irc.dalnet usenet archives on Google Groups will yield any results. smile

Maybe try messaging him through >here>. "Biffa was last seen: Thursday at 7:40 PM"
Posted By: nelgin

Re: Biffa? - 25/08/18 07:05 PM

Haha, probably not but you never know who reads those things.

I tried to do a search here but nothing showed up. Maybe I was doing it wrong smile
Posted By: maroon

Re: Biffa? - 25/08/18 08:55 PM

You didn't look hard enough. I clicked on that link, used browser's Ctrl+F to search for biffa, and it found a post by someone using that user-id, and when I clicked on their userid to see the profile, even though that post is 3 years old, the profile said that 'biffa' last posted 18 minutes ago.
Posted By: nelgin

Re: Biffa? - 26/08/18 07:20 PM

No worries. I got hold of him on the overclock website. Thanks smile
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