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Mirc remote suggestion...

Posted By: Candent

Mirc remote suggestion... - 17/02/18 10:54 AM


One idea that I think could be.
If there are many addons then it will be difficult to look for the next addon.
Click "view", click "more..." and then you need to look for the right thing.
It's hard to describe, so I drew a couple of things to the picture.

Is it a little time to change the design?
This is just a suggestion. What do you think?

English is not my native language. Sorry smirk
Posted By: Raccoon

Re: Mirc remote suggestion... - 17/02/18 01:37 PM

I agree that it becomes difficult and tedious to switch between scripts in the script editor when you have very many loaded. The View menu only displays so many filenames, and the More Files dialog is quite tiny.

I kind of wish the 'More...' menu item would just spawn a sub-menu of additional filenames, and the More Files dialog be consolidated with the Order dialog from the File menu.

Or something.
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