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Irc bouncer/VPS

Posted By: bhagat

Irc bouncer/VPS - 27/01/18 03:04 PM

i m confused with connecting my MIRC with VPS/Bouncer my friend is offering me
my question is can he see my chats? or my chat data goes to him
i m affraid that he mite get my chat datta and read it frown
please help me with that
Posted By: KindOne

Re: Irc bouncer/VPS - 27/01/18 07:12 PM

Yes. If you use someones vps/bouncer they can read your IRC if they wanted to.

Don't use your friends vps/bouncer if you don't trust them.
Posted By: e2xo

Re: Irc bouncer/VPS - 27/09/18 09:44 PM

Does this go for a paid ZNC (through a shell company for example) as well?
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