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dll in delphi

Posted By: Doctor_Souza

dll in delphi - 17/02/17 07:03 PM

hi, i creating a dll in delphi but, i need the tag of call toolbar to using in my dll, in normal i used "hwnd" but active my function in main mirc window.

sorry for my bad english
Posted By: Wims

Re: dll in delphi - 17/02/17 07:12 PM

If you are looking for the hwnd of the mIRC toolbar, you can use findWindow() and look for "mIRC_ToolBar"
Posted By: Doctor_Souza

Re: dll in delphi - 17/02/17 07:23 PM

ok but, i using comand for insert glass on mirc, so the glass apply on mirc main window, i need to pud "findWindow()" direct in this command or In the command that uses this command, i used "FindWindowEx(mWnd,0,'mIRC_Toolbar',nil)" but not working.

tankyou for help me!
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