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Posted By: BMX50

messages - 17/11/15 05:53 PM

i like to know how i can stop the messages box from coming up when a query is done please.
Posted By: westor

Re: messages - 17/11/15 08:50 PM

Try to put this code into the Remotes (alt +r) tab.

ON *:OPEN:?: { closemsg $nick }
Posted By: BMX50

Re: messages - 18/11/15 02:45 PM

thanks for your reply but that code isn't what i'm looking for. what i like to happen is when i search for a song and the results come back i like that the messages box not to come up from the results. i'm using mirc 7.43
Posted By: Wims

Re: messages - 18/11/15 09:38 PM

It would have helped if you gave more details in the first place. It looks like you're downloading file via DCC from channel, that there is a bot sending you the result from a research in a query window, it looks like you want to replace the query windows by just having the result displayed in the channel window, is that right?
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