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Registering Channels

Posted By: Ghell

Registering Channels - 23/12/02 01:59 PM

I have been on clan channels before and they were registered or something. They had a MOTD and when you left and came back you kept your positions.

I would like to know how people did this so that I can do it on my clan channel.

Thanks in advance and Merry Xmas
Posted By: Poppy

Re: Registering Channels - 23/12/02 05:17 PM

If the network you are on has Chanserv, the command would be /chanserv register <password> <#channelname> - if not, go to one of the help channels on your network. It's difficult to say without you saying what network you're on. Hope this helps. smile
Posted By: Merlin

Re: Registering Channels - 23/12/02 07:32 PM

Different networks have different services - some networks don't have channel and nick services. Please read the /motd upon connect - it should tell you more about.
Posted By: Ghell

Re: Registering Channels - 24/12/02 08:57 AM

The server i use is jirc.mircx.com and it definately has a NickServ. I would like to register the channel with no password so what would I type? confused

Also thanx for all help so far.

OK, I registered the channel. I accidentally added the wrong password so how do I change the password. Also is the password needed to enter the channel or to admin it?
Also how do I set MOTD etc?
Posted By: Collective

Re: Registering Channels - 24/12/02 09:10 AM

To change a channel password type:
/msg chanserv SET channel PASSWORD password

You would get information faster if you just typed
/msg chanserv help commands
Posted By: wyx

Re: Registering Channels - 24/12/02 12:07 PM

first you must identify to chanserv with this command
/msg chanserv identify #channel password
if forgot it u can used this
/msg chanserv sendpass #channel
chanserv will geift your password via email
/msg chanserv set #channel password yournewpasswordhere

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