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Why "m"IRC?

Posted By: Elmlea

Why "m"IRC? - 14/09/13 05:08 PM

Help me answer a question that came up today; why is mIRC called mIRC; specifically, why the "m?"

Current guesses are it's related to Mardam-Bey, or because it's a Microsoft Windows client.

Anyone know the real answer?
Posted By: pball

Re: Why "m"IRC? - 15/09/13 01:34 AM

Well you might find some conjecture around but I found this in the personal faq section on the site.

Question: What does the 'm' in mIRC stand for?
Answer: It quite possibly stands for 'moo', or perhaps even MU.

So it seems either khaled doesn't know or won't give a firm answer. lol
Posted By: Handle_With_Care

Re: Why "m"IRC? - 19/09/13 09:01 PM

If Khaled doesn't know, who would? I think he's said several times that it's moo or mu. I still vote for Mardam-Bey.
Posted By: landonsandor

Re: Why "m"IRC? - 21/09/13 11:27 PM

I've always thought that a funny approach (even tho it's most likely wrong, and I dont care :P) was that the m stood for "my" making the program pronounced "my are sea"
Posted By: KindOne

Re: Why "m"IRC? - 22/09/13 03:52 AM

My crazy theories:

'em eye are sea'
'em eye are see'
'micro' (2.1a is rather small/simple if you ever try it (do note that it will crash when you join channels because some networks/IRCd's don't a ":" in the /names, this also goes for really old copies of mIRC))

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