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Weird Forum/Browser Issue?

Posted By: landonsandor

Weird Forum/Browser Issue? - 20/04/12 06:22 PM

Has anybody else been having an issue, in firefox 11.0 with XP SP3 (with all updates), that when you load a new page to read a post, it greys out the back arrow button? This is the ONLY site it's happening on. I get the back arrow on THIS page (the one Im typing this message out on), but I DONT get it while just READING posts. This JUST started happening yesterday (that I noticed). Very weird.
Posted By: Handle_With_Care

Re: Weird Forum/Browser Issue? - 20/04/12 10:49 PM

I think the following would be the more appropriate forum to ask questions about Firefox: http://forums.mozillazine.org/index.php
Posted By: landonsandor

Re: Weird Forum/Browser Issue? - 22/04/12 12:34 AM

well, I figured I'd see if anybody else was having this issue here. true, program specific issues should be addressed on their websites, but since it happens with this forum and no others, it's also just as useful to see if anybody here has the same issue.
Posted By: sparta

Re: Weird Forum/Browser Issue? - 22/04/12 08:42 AM

I dont have the same problem as you, only that this forum = SLOW from time to time, sometimes it takes 30 sec to open it. Next time it opens in 1 sec.
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