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Teamspeak3 plugin?

Posted By: razortap

Teamspeak3 plugin? - 05/01/11 10:24 PM

Just wanted to know if Mirc will put in a TeamSpeak3 Plugin for the current one. I am a lic user of 7.17... Im new here so im just asking thank you.
Posted By: Riamus2

Re: Teamspeak3 plugin? - 05/01/11 10:26 PM

mIRC is unlikely to add any form of TeamSpeak or voice chat. However, someone else may write a script or DLL that would allow using it through mIRC. It's unlikely, but it could happen.
Posted By: razortap

Re: Teamspeak3 plugin? - 05/01/11 10:41 PM

thank you again. i know the old 6.35 versions may have it. i just wanted to be up to date on the new ideas.thanks again.
Posted By: tattoo997

Re: Teamspeak3 plugin? - 16/03/11 09:50 AM

Thanks for any information.
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