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Implementing SSL with an IRC server

Posted By: Lloyd_B

Implementing SSL with an IRC server - 18/09/10 08:25 AM

I was wondering could anyone here can give some advice and some resources that would help someone install/implement SSL connections on an Unreal IRCd server?

I have a friend who has started his own IRC server for business purposes and would like to offer SSL connections. However, he's kind of new to the IRC server bit. He is technically minded. I just want to get some information for him so he can at least research it.
Posted By: argv0

Re: Implementing SSL with an IRC server - 19/09/10 03:34 AM

1. Download and install an ircd that supports SSL.
3. ???
4. Profit
Posted By: CtrlAltDel

Re: Implementing SSL with an IRC server - 19/09/10 03:48 PM

from Unreal3.2 config file

/* NOTE ON SSL PORTS: SSL ports are pretty non-standardized,
* besides numerous high-SSL ports, some people say you should run
* it at 994 because that's the official SSL port.. but that
* requires root! Besides, port 194 is the official irc port and
* have you ever seen an ircd running on that?
* So, our suggestion is to use port 6697 for SSL, this is used by
* quite some networks and is recognized by for example StunTour.
* You are free to open up as many SSL ports as you want, but
* by (also) using 6697 you help the world standardize a bit wink.
listen *:6697

In other words, already supported by Unreal IRCd
Posted By: Lloyd_B

Re: Implementing SSL with an IRC server - 20/09/10 10:31 AM

Hehe, well, thanks for the replies.

I get the feeling I need to get my hands dirty on this one. I tend to figure things out anyway.
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