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Posted By: sparta

NTP-Servers - 21/08/10 03:05 PM

Somone that have a list of "working" NTP-Servers, I can't test servers in other countrys i get the feeling they ignoring me, i get timed out or connection refused. I found a working server for *.se . and have som more listed.
ntp.lth.se ; <- working for me
time.nist.gov ; <- timed out
clock.llnl.gov ; <- timed out
time-b.timefreq.bldrdoc.gov ; <- connection refused
bitsy.mit.edu ; <- timed out
tick.gatech.edu ; <- timed out
ncnoc.ncren.net ; <- timed out
tock.usno.navy.mil ; <- timed out
nist1.aol-ca.truetime.com ; <- timed out
nist1-sj.glassey.com ; <- connection refused

I connect to the servers true sockets.
Posted By: argv0

Re: NTP-Servers - 22/08/10 06:28 AM

Google NTP servers, there are many lists.
Posted By: sparta

Re: NTP-Servers - 22/08/10 08:34 AM

Many lists and servers yes, but how do i know they work? have 10 swedish servers, only 1 working of them..
Posted By: argv0

Re: NTP-Servers - 22/08/10 05:25 PM

You can only know they work by testing them. Test them until you find enough servers that work for you. Usually 1 is enough, so you're already fine.
Posted By: prae

Re: NTP-Servers - 29/08/10 04:45 AM

Here's a good list that always pans out for me:


There are servers by region, and there are some more specific to certain countries as well. wink
Posted By: Watchdog

Re: NTP-Servers - 04/09/10 10:21 AM

I use the following for all machines on my networks:-


I am not sure if they are accessible outside Australia though.
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