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Posted By: russkris22 Channel size - 14/05/10 05:26 AM

I have mIRC running and everytime I load it up, every channel box is full screen.. So I have to manually size them down so they fit in the one window.

Just wondering if there is a setting or something I can activate to not maximize the channel windows.

Posted By: asdfasdf Re: Channel size - 14/05/10 06:56 AM
After adjusting sizes and positions, try doing a right click on a treebar element -> Position -> Save All,
or also Set As Default if you want to do that as well.
Posted By: russkris22 Re: Channel size - 17/05/10 10:21 AM
Wicked.. I will try that

Now I have so other problem... Each channel opens in it's own window

EDIT: /me is a totally retard... Sorry to trouble you all. I fixed it
Posted By: 5618 Re: Channel size - 17/05/10 10:28 AM
Tools > Options > Display > Options > Windows...

You probably have channels set to open on the desktop.
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