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Finding Karaoke Channel

Posted By: rich1941

Finding Karaoke Channel - 18/09/09 10:56 PM

I updated to the new version of MIRC now I can't locate the Karaoke channel. The web site doesn't even look like this one. I'm on my desk top now but was using my laptop. It was working fine until I updated. Can anyone help me get this straightened out or know someone that can?
Posted By: rich1941

Re: Finding Karaoke Channel - 18/09/09 10:57 PM

this is very frustrating
Posted By: RusselB

Re: Finding Karaoke Channel - 18/09/09 11:35 PM

The only relationship between mIRC and karaoke, is the fact that mIRC is an IRC client, and some people use it to connect to one or more networks, which may, or may not, have karaoke channels.

If you are looking for a karaoke channel, you can try searching SearchIRC

If you are looking for music/filesharing, then you are looking for something that is not supported in this help forum.
Posted By: Andy497

Re: Finding Karaoke Channel - 19/04/18 01:22 PM

The same thing happened to me and now I cannot find the channel. I am new to IRC, so I didn't think to make note of what the channel was that I had been using. I'll keep searching, but if you find it, please let me know. Thanks
Posted By: maroon

Re: Finding Karaoke Channel - 19/04/18 03:34 PM

I assume you found this thread by searching for the karaoke keyword, as you replied to a 9 year old thread, and he no longer posts, and probably no longer visits.

The link he showed lets you search for the karaoke keyword, but I assume it only searched the networks listed on that 'browse networks' link, and I don't know how recent their searches are.

It might be possible to find channels by searching in Google, but lots of hits would be old pages for channels no longer active. There might be mentions in Facebook too. In mIRC's Alt+E servers list, those list a lot of irc networks which are unrelated to each other, so they're not likely to know anything about channels at other networks. Once you've picked a network to join, you can use the /list icon or command to list channels, and you can restrict the list to show only channels containing your keyword. It's possible for channels to have a secret/private tag to prevent them appearing in the channel list, but you'd have a better idea whether karaoke channels often did that.
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