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.OGG suport

Posted By: La5eR

.OGG suport - 23/04/03 08:09 PM

Will IRC have integrated OGG support any time soon?
Posted By: Nimue

Re: .OGG suport - 23/04/03 08:13 PM

/splay path to\your file.ogg

/help playing sounds
Posted By: ParaBrat

Re: .OGG suport - 24/04/03 12:04 AM

if you are having probs playing .ogg with /splay, its prolly cause windows (mIRC sends the command to windows) is playing it in mediaplayer and yours may not support .ogg
On the old boards someone posted a link to tweak mediaplayer into cooperating with .ogg, but i dont remember what it was.

Note that in file/options/sounds/requests under sound folders you can tell mIRC where to find your .ogg files.
Posted By: _D3m0n_

Re: .OGG suport - 24/04/03 04:39 AM

i actually dont know what .ogg sounds are ... never used anything aside from wav or mp3 or even wma ...... ill have to look into .ogg to see what it is
Posted By: Online

Re: .OGG suport - 24/04/03 05:23 AM

It's just another type of compressed audio file.
Posted By: Teazle

Re: .OGG suport - 24/04/03 11:08 AM

.OGG support and .MOD support for mIRC would be nice actually, though i only have 3-4 files in that format...
another nice thing would be .aud support, as this is old sound files from the time of C&C, those are small, and often with good sound, that would be a good feature.
Posted By: ParaBrat

Re: .OGG suport - 24/04/03 11:48 AM

mIRC does support .ogg, as well as wave, midi, mp3, wma

as i said earlier, if you have probs playing it, its due to mediaplayer not supporting it.
Posted By: Online

Re: .OGG suport - 24/04/03 02:08 PM

These .aud can be played by other programs though. mIRC will not support these files as long as your MediaPlayer doesn't.
Posted By: Khaled

Re: .OGG suport - 24/04/03 03:36 PM

If I recall correctly, the ogg vorbis website has links to plugins, including one for the windows media player.
Posted By: Watchdog

Re: .OGG suport - 26/04/03 10:04 AM

Support for .au noises would be nice Chief. grin
Posted By: La5eR

Re: .OGG suport - 02/05/03 09:18 PM

Oh my the King himself does speak there is a God. Whats up Khaled. Oh and isnt DalNet dead now? I read on UTC a while back that it got something gnarly planted in it. Oh wells keep up the good work MirC team and till then see ya later.
Posted By: ParaBrat

Re: .OGG suport - 03/05/03 03:39 AM

Not that i have any idea what it has to do with ogg support or Khaled, but DALnet is alive and well. Yes, they were subjected to long and severe attacks. You still cant use Random, and there have been changes re server list, but there are several servers available.
Posted By: zac

Re: .OGG suport - 03/05/03 07:21 PM

* Resolved irc.dal.net to
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