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Posted By: state dialog tutorials? - 22/03/09 12:27 AM
any one got a dialog tutorial?

only need simple stuff. so like if i use a checkbox

check "flood protection", 15, 4 27 50 8, tab 13

then if i check it next time when i loa dit will be checked.

and for example as it says above 'flood protection'

on my flood script bit if that check box is checked it will do it. otherwise if it is not it will ignore it
Posted By: RusselB Re: dialog tutorials? - 22/03/09 01:21 AM
You can start with the tutorials located here (More than just dialogs listed) or here

To simplify the answer to your question about maintaining the checked state, you would have to save the state of the checkbox before closing the dialog, then restore the state in the ON DIALOG event for the initialization of the dialog.
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