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wtf is going on?

Posted By: Greatman

wtf is going on? - 18/12/02 07:10 PM

wtf?????? i posted a msg yesterday but it's gone from here today. why??
Posted By: Collective

Re: wtf is going on? - 18/12/02 07:15 PM

Because you spammed it everywhere. All except one were deleted.
Posted By: Greatman

Re: wtf is going on? - 18/12/02 07:20 PM

i c
Posted By: Karen

Re: wtf is going on? - 18/12/02 09:27 PM

Greatman, multiple posts of the same question will be deleted.

Collective, could I talk you into trying (and using) the URL tag inserter? People who use style sheets here with LARGE FONTS can't read the forum when URL's are put in w/out the easy tags...

(when you hit [reply] under the input box are smiley's and Instant UBB Code. The URL link will allow you to add the actual URL and 'alternate text' which won't 'S T R E T C H the forum)

Thank you very much laugh
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