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Posted By: sexylady1

help - 01/04/07 11:37 AM

i have been using mirc for a long time
but had a problem with my computer
and i lost everything on it i used mirc to download karaoke but cant get back can someone help me to find the sight again please
Posted By: Kardafol

Re: help - 01/04/07 11:51 AM

Double posting is not appriciated, and mIRC isn't a filesharing program.
Posted By: Riamus2

Re: help - 01/04/07 03:00 PM

I'm sure that you can find karaoke scripts or channels if you google for them. I don't do karaoke, so can't be of any more use than to suggest that. Googling will probably help you find the one(s) you used previously.
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