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Posted By: TopoGigio "Seearch" -- What is it? - 11/03/07 12:25 PM
I just noticed that when I right click on a user name in a channel one of the choices listed is "Seearch". When I click on it nothing happens except the following response in the status window...

SEARCG Unknown command

I don't find anything about this in the helpfiles. Can someone enlighten me?
Posted By: hixxy Re: "Seearch" -- What is it? - 11/03/07 01:37 PM
Sounds like a scripted popup. mIRC doesn't come with a 'Search' option, and if it did it would at least spell the command right wink That command should be trying to execute /search, not /searcg.
Posted By: Astro Re: "Seearch" -- What is it? - 11/03/07 01:39 PM
there is no such popup in the nicklist popups. More likely its using a popups file from a previously installed script in that folder and the associated script files have probably been deleted. Solution: delete the entire mirc folder you are running mirc from, and reinstall mirc.
Posted By: Riamus2 Re: "Seearch" -- What is it? - 11/03/07 05:11 PM
Um... why? Just press Alt-R. Then, on the Aliases tab, Popups tab, and Remotes tab, use Ctrl-F (find) to search for "seearch". You can then find out what script it is part of and remove that script. You may also want to remove any other scripts that you don't recognize... just use the View menu on the Aliases and Remotes tabs to see what scripts are loaded.
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