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Posted By: sexylady1 help - 18/02/07 03:09 PM
im lookinh for kj-kingdom script or a way to find it
Posted By: Trixar_za Re: help - 18/02/07 04:36 PM
I am assuming your talking about the King James bible(the only KJ I can think of at the moment).

Well, I did a quick search for you and found Christian Command, has a few cool features and includes the KJ translation.

Also Check out the Bible Freeware off the site where I found this.

Hope that helps you Sexylady1 smile
Posted By: sexylady1 Re: help - 18/02/07 05:16 PM
no its a karaoke download program in irc hotel
Posted By: RusselB Re: help - 18/02/07 05:21 PM
Try using Google, or any one of a number of online search engines.
Posted By: sexylady1 Re: help - 18/02/07 06:53 PM
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