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new user trouble


new user trouble - 29/12/06 02:51 AM

Hello everyone,

I am having a bit of connection problems. I'm getting the unable to connect and connection refused messsages. and message numbers #6966,6961,6749,6835,6928. please help. when i initially tried to setup in october i didn't have this problem.
There were some life issues and I had to set this asside for a minute. Now i'm trying to get this up and running. i've already changed the ports to 7000 and edit irc server to thanks for the help in advance. Happy Holidays

after this inital message, I changed the port setting to 6667-6669. the new message is software caused abortion. my dsl connection worked with it last time. what could be interferring
with my connection? thanks
Posted By: sparta

Re: new user trouble - 29/12/06 03:33 AM

try the port: 6966 .. or someone else of the numbers you got..

Re: new user trouble - 29/12/06 03:44 AM

Thank you for trying to help. I tried putting that number in and it still didn't connect. i also put it back to 7000, no dice. If something else comes to mind I'm grateful. Be Blessed
Posted By: sparta

Re: new user trouble - 29/12/06 03:53 AM

have you tryed another server? lets say to dalnet or any other big network?
Posted By: simielectronico

Re: new user trouble - 07/01/07 05:12 PM

Help can anybody tell me what does: 12rry bt the Mxmum Allwed Qeues f 100 hs ben reched. Please try agn later.

mean??? How can i solve this??
Posted By: Riamus2

Re: new user trouble - 08/01/07 01:35 AM

Don't double post. You were already answered.
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