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Posted By: Jigsy

Official website. - 14/12/06 01:43 PM

Me and my friend have gotten into an arguement about the official tld for this website ...


[13:38:45] <@Wiccy> mirc.org is the official site :P
[13:38:58] <Jigsy> No, .co.uk is the official site.
[13:39:02] <@Wiccy> jigz
[13:39:02] <Jigsy> "Welcome to the NEW mIRC Resource Center.
[13:39:02] <Jigsy> provided by the operators of DALnet #mIRC.
[13:39:03] <Jigsy> "
[13:39:06] <@Wiccy> hes not even british
[13:39:09] <@Wiccy> hes in europe
[13:39:17] <@Wiccy> y teh fuk wud he want a .co.uk addy?:P
[13:39:26] <Jigsy> Because .co.uk is the official site.
[13:39:32] <Jigsy> "
[13:39:33] <Jigsy> Welcome to the mIRC Homepage! Argentina, Australia, Italy, Kuwait, United Kingdom, USA.
[13:39:33] <Jigsy> Welcome to the mIRC Homepage!
[13:39:35] <Jigsy> "

So what is the official address?
Posted By: RoCk

Re: Official website. - 14/12/06 03:02 PM

I've always been curious about this myself.
The site link in the help menu points to .co.uk
but the link in the About dialog, and the link
in the Introduction section of the help file
both point to .com


~ Edit ~
The site link in the help menu in 6.2 points to mirc.com
and was changed in 6.21 to point to mirc.co.uk
Posted By: sparta

Re: Official website. - 14/12/06 05:21 PM

Since Khaled are from *.uk "what i know anyway" i would say mirc comes from *.uk smile then if he have mirrors across the country dosent mather.. MacDonalds come from *.us, but you can find them around the world smile
Posted By: Riamus2

Re: Official website. - 14/12/06 09:25 PM

Originally Posted By: RoCk
~ Edit ~
The site link in the help menu in 6.2 points to mirc.com
and was changed in 6.21 to point to mirc.co.uk

I'd say that is probably proof enough that .co.uk is the official site. Why else would he change it? Of course, I always just use .com to access the site... it's easier.
Posted By: Om3n

Re: Official website. - 15/12/06 02:26 AM

'The Author' page in the help file for mirc 2.1a (first official version) clearly states that he lives in the uk, and references several email addresses and his homepage, all with the .uk tld. This is of corse not proof that he is english.

Somewhere around version 4.5 the mirc.co.uk was made the official homepage, i dont think you can say that has changed just because other tld's have been added.
Posted By: HorseC

Re: Official website. - 15/12/06 03:26 AM

As the 'owner' of www.mirc.org let me reply if i may...

It is NOT, and never will be, the home site for mIRC.

That right belongs only to the http://www.mirc.co.uk site. The site in question has been around since mIRC was created, but it is not the official site.

We point to the home site for the download of the product. We have however, over the years, attempted to keep the site as current as is humanly possible.

Since at one time, DALnet was the Home network for mIRC support we have always considered ourselves an official site. However we do NOT mean to imply it is the Primary, or Home site for mIRC.

If you have any questions about this. feel free to ask me via a message to me here on the board.

HorseC - Current founder for #mIRC on DALnet.

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