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Posted By: Poppy

War - 19/03/03 06:34 PM

I know this has nothing to do with mIRC, but I just wanted to say this: I'm totally against war, but as it's looking imminent my thoughts and prayers go to all the allied troops in the Gulf, and their families. But most of all, to the Iraqi civilian casualties that are inevitable.
Posted By: The_Game

Re: War - 19/03/03 08:55 PM

I'm against this whole war myself...but you can thank the media for blowing "the showdown" or whatever they called it out of proportion. Somewhere, someone called the presidents bluff and well the end result is after 8pm us eastern time, war could begin at any hour. Hopefully it wont last long...
Posted By: ParaBrat

Re: War - 19/03/03 09:38 PM

With all due respect for each persons opinion, we know what happened with a similar thread on this subject... emotions run high on this, (and well they should) but sadly it led to name calling, insults, ethnic slurs etc. While IRC, and hence mIRC, opens doors for discusion of viewpoints on many subjects, that thread was closed and it is hoped ppl will carry the discussion on to IRC and IRL, not here.

Its to be hoped that regardless of opinion, everyone will send their thoughts and prayers out to all.
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