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Posted By: vexed

New mIRC - 20/02/06 12:38 AM

i've not been on these boards when a new mIRC has been released, but since 6.17 came out, alot of bugs have been reported (i know added extras to a new version can cause this) but does anyone think they'll be a quick release, to fix any new bugs, especially with the UTF-8 stuff, maybe 2 to 3 weeks of a 6.18, just curious. smile
Posted By: hixxy

Re: New mIRC - 20/02/06 12:42 AM

It was only a month between 6.15 to 6.16 so it's quite possible there'll be a new version soon. It was only 3 days between 6.11 and 6.12 but that was released to address a serious dcc exploit.
Posted By: pzl

Re: New mIRC - 20/02/06 02:24 AM

There is such a thing as too many changes coming too often. All problems have multiple solutions, taking the time to think through the best solution saves time in the long run. I would rather see a better solution than a faster solution.
Posted By: puterfixer

Re: New mIRC - 21/02/06 11:33 AM

The bugs still need to be properly documented and observed how and why do they appear, to be able to pinpoint the exact problem in the code. A hasty release of a newer version might not fix the problem itself but only some of its symptoms, or even introduce even more bugs, if old ones are not completely understood. Patience, my dear Watson. wink
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