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Posted By: SoundreameR Translations - 18/02/06 01:42 PM
I can translate mIRC to bulgarian in order to have Bulgarian version of it. Could anyone tell me, who is the dude I must get close with to be able to do this job? smirk grin
Posted By: silent Re: Translations - 18/02/06 01:43 PM
was there ever a non-english version? if so, i want a german one :]
Posted By: SoundreameR Re: Translations - 18/02/06 02:02 PM
Hhahahah... there isn't, but it's time to do something about this! Every serious program has translations to the language of all top rate download/usage countries. IM's like Skype and ICQ have, Firefox has.... why is mIRC off this line?
Posted By: Merlin Re: Translations - 18/02/06 03:42 PM
There has nevr been a non-english version. But check out the German mIRC Website for german help on mIRC or other translations to german.
Posted By: SoundreameR Re: Translations - 19/02/06 12:25 PM
My german is fine... thank god... but I realy would like to translate mIRC to Bulgarian, even if it's a German release!!! grin
Posted By: Debug Re: Translations - 19/02/06 06:06 PM
I think Khaled should work on this way too, translating to other languages. Here in Brazil there is a lot of ppl that cant use mIRC cuz dont know nothing in English. Maybe only a few translations: English, German, Portuguese, Italian, etc..
Posted By: Hitchhiker Re: Translations - 19/02/06 06:24 PM
Just to let you know


Question: Will mIRC be translated to other languages?
Answer: I'm currently working on making mIRC easy to translate, so we should be seeing mIRC in languages other than English in the near future.

Quoted from http://www.mirc.com/khaled/faq.html
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