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Posted By: raZOR dcx scripts - 13/02/06 06:52 PM
aynone knows any (full) scripts
that already use dcx instead mdx?

@mods if illegal post i dont mind it be deleted :P
Posted By: ClickHeRe Re: dcx scripts - 13/02/06 10:52 PM
I don't think it's been long enough for people to have created full scripts with DCX. I've only seen some addons which only one has been published yet.
Posted By: raZOR Re: dcx scripts - 13/02/06 11:11 PM
i guess people love mdx more
or dont want to hassle with re-coding for dcx...

but i think time will force people to do so unless Dragonzap?
updates mdx (doubt that)
Posted By: ClickHeRe Re: dcx scripts - 14/02/06 11:41 AM
I don't think people love mdx more, I think people are unaware of an alternative. Also people don'T necessarily want to convert their whole script to DCX.

On the other hand, people that start a new script or modify theirs can enjoy a pletora of new material to experiment with which offers possibilities they could simply not achieve with mdx.

One major thing that people seem to appreciate is the Cell Layout Algorithm (CLA) which auto-resizes/positions your controls in the dialog when this one is resized. You don't have to fight anymore with 2000 $calc in your code to make it work, the algorithm does it for you based on a couple simple rules defined at the beginning.
Posted By: vexed Re: dcx scripts - 14/02/06 06:56 PM
Well as i got bored of my script, (which was mdx) i've started using the dcx.dll and i find it so much easier, everything is faster too.
I've been really bored with scripting as of late, but now this is on the scene it's got me motivated. I hope other people can see this thread and decide to give it a try too, you'll be pleasantly surprised.
Posted By: FaiNT Re: dcx scripts - 19/02/06 08:55 AM
umm, can anyone tell me where to get this, i need something that can do 'more' then mdx
Posted By: Mentality Re: dcx scripts - 19/02/06 09:55 AM

Posted By: SoundreameR Re: dcx scripts - 19/02/06 12:28 PM
4 months ago I started my best script yet, 2 weeks before the release I saw DCX for a first time and I almost killed my seft... darn... now I have to remake my whole script... blush
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