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ftp probs...

Posted By: state

ftp probs... - 07/08/05 09:39 AM

ive always used ws_ftp to put files up onto my webspace (the 50 meg u get free with pipex adsl) and never had a prob. All of a sudden i cant transfer files unless there really small like under 1.5kB (which transfer no prob atall) Anything bigger like pics or larger html pages just hang

I thought i would use another ftp like cute ftp or similar but am getting the same probs Ive checked and i still got loadsa free room available b4 i hit the 50 meg limit.

Any ideas
Posted By: Rounin

Re: ftp probs... - 07/08/05 01:20 PM

I think you should ask pipex and not us...
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