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Posted By: sparta

highlight - 01/11/04 08:32 PM

shouldent the "forum" let you know what comment was the last one? i saw somone made a comment in here, but when i opened it i didnt see any "new" posts, shouldent it been in another color or somthing ? :tongue:
Posted By: ParaBrat

Re: highlight - 01/11/04 08:43 PM

i'm seeing the new unread posts in a thread with the topic area a lighter color
Posted By: sparta

Re: highlight - 01/11/04 10:38 PM

ok, the yellow icon was bether if thats the case it only get a litle brighter color.. thats what i think anyway
------------ Edit
and it stays lighter even due you have watched the post.. shouldent it be marked as readed ?
Posted By: Wragg

Re: highlight - 01/11/04 10:45 PM

this is discusting !
Posted By: ParaBrat

Re: highlight - 02/11/04 10:18 PM

sparta: i see the lightbulb thingie change color on the main index after i've read, and also the folder icon does too on the forum index. The area where the topic is (both on the index and within a thread) is almost white until ive read the unread posts, and then goes to tan after being read. ( i have mIRC default style sheet set)

Wragg: um.. what precisely is it you think is disgusting? (at least i think thats the word you meant)
Posted By: Wragg

Re: highlight - 03/11/04 12:00 AM

new forum version...
Posted By: sparta

Re: highlight - 03/11/04 05:08 PM

It show that i have unreaded posts, but when i open it i have been reading them all befor.. so the bulb is yellow even due its no new posts.. happens from time to time.. and iretating to sit and browse true all pages and then discover its no new, just a false one..
Posted By: landonsandor

Re: highlight - 03/11/04 05:20 PM

sometimes if you read them from the "last 24 hours of posts" section it doesnt update it. It never did for me before and continued to show new posts even tho there werent any.
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