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What is an IRCop? *informative*

Posted By: NightCrawler8283

What is an IRCop? *informative* - 01/09/04 11:56 PM

i was reading up and found this newsletter posted by Undernet. i thought it useful to post the link to it. Although the newsletter pertains to undernet. a lot of it can be applied to MANY other IRC Networks.

Definetly worth a read if you are unfamiliar with IRCops.

Click HERE
Posted By: Mentality

Re: What is an IRCop? *informative* - 02/09/04 01:26 PM

Indeed, DALnet also has a good guide (ignoring the section about DALnet teams, which is only specific to the DALnet network), and a good IRC Operator guide is located at irchelp.org.

Posted By: copericus

Re: What is an IRCop? *informative* - 02/09/04 07:41 PM

Or of course there is also a direct approach. If anyone wants to learn about ircops why not join the networks help channel and ASK ? We dont all bite you know smile
One thing is if they kick/akill or gline you then you just found out that you need to find a better network.
Just my 2 cents worth

Be well
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