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I need the irc network called "criten" for TMD Moviez so can n e one tell me where to get it or how to do it???
Probably not. We don't help people to break the law here.

Also... if you're not savvy enough to even find the network, you are almost CERTAINLY going to be infected with lots of trojans and/or viruses... do you really want that to happen?

apart from that, the criten IRC network has its homepage here; http://www.criten.net/criten.html and you can connect to it by typing /server irc.criten.net in mIRC.
Don't be so childish

All very surreal - don't check the boards every day, so didn't see the unedited message *shrug*

Well, I guess I can't tell you what the removed text said since
I tried that and it was deleted, even though I didn't repeat it
and there was no language that needed censored. I will say
this however .. I thought it was cool when Krejt helped this
guy even after all you guys on the message board with your
"We don't help people to break the law here" and your
"we don't help with illegal file sharing blah blah blah" grin

Stop trying to be clever and smarmy, and grow up.
I don't quite understand what you mean.

Krejt only supplied Criten's website and the command to connect to the Criten IRC network? PastMaster posted that we don't help with illegal file sharing which is what the 'TMD Moviez' group provides. Krejt said 'apart from that' which denotes his post was an addition to what PastMaster said, not contradictory to what PM said.

The reason your post was edited/deleted, as my message says, is because it is childish and purely there to cause trouble.

The person has been helped.

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