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Removing G Line

Posted By: blast002003

Removing G Line - 05/08/04 11:20 PM

Hey.. I downloaded XDCC Catcher, but one network that is very important i can get into, when I try says: "G Lined: XDCC Catcher is not welcome here"
So I uninstalled XDCC Catcher, and even tho it was uninstalled I still get "G Lined: XDCC Catcher is not welcome here"
How do I get rid of the G Line!??!?!
Posted By: Mentality

Re: Removing G Line - 05/08/04 11:24 PM

mIRC has nothing to do with G-lines on a network, you will need to contact the network administration for help with the issue. See this thread for further information. It's helpful to both you and us if you would take the time to look at the sticky threads at the top of the forums, and/or to use the search feature before posting. This saves us from repeating information constantly.

As an added note, IRC is not meant for XDCC/mass file trading. Downloading mp3s, movies and so forth is illegal and makes you liable for heavy fines. Do not be surprised when programs such as XDCC Catcher get banned, or you get banned for using the program, because you are effectively abusing IRC by doing so.

Posted By: ShinZon

Re: Removing G Line - 06/08/04 01:15 AM

once g-lined you stay g-lined, so even if you uninstall program you stay g-lined...

but on big networks G-line is often removed after 1 or 2 days.. so just wait a bit
Posted By: ELY_M

Re: Removing G Line - 27/08/04 07:14 AM

email the kline email or visit the IRC network website for info.
usually they have kline@ email address.

They will ungline you since your on mIRC client.
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