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Posted By: Jesper Im Home :) - 31/01/03 03:58 PM
Good to be back, tho I got resettet in the userDB, oh well who gives anything for that wink
Nice to see the new face lift the board got now. However its still lacking in max signature lenght frown
default for most other forums is 255, here its 100 frown
And after I posted I see UBBcode in partly blocked too ?? whats with not being able to use [size] ?
Posted By: ParaBrat Re: Im Home :) - 31/01/03 06:04 PM
As Krejt replied a while back (using the search feature :tongue: ) :
"Yup, and when I enlarge the allowed signature size people will add more info to it and still have the same question.... Sorry, I hope you understand I'm not going to make the sig size larger."
Posted By: starbucks_mafia Re: Im Home :) - 31/01/03 08:43 PM
I for one am glad that things like [size] aren't included. Seeing the ugliness some people manage to attain simply by using all uppercase and repeated question marks/exclamation points is bad enough. I honestly don't think my eyes could withstand the visual assault of seeing each character taking up half my screen aswell.
Posted By: The_Game Re: Im Home :) - 31/01/03 08:53 PM
lol I know what ya mean...when people do that it annoys me...I always tell them that if i wanted to see big text, I would have enabled the vision impaired tool on my OS lol ...anyways...i agree with ya
Posted By: Jesper Re: Im Home :) - 01/02/03 06:09 AM
Yeps I know, thats ok, but 255 aint bad and not too much and I wanted to decrese my sig so it doesnt looks as big as normail text smile
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