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Posted By: blo_inc

ircop help - 14/07/04 03:28 PM

Hi guys,

I am an ircop on a friend's irc server, and was wondering if anyone knew of any good places to go to learn all the commands of an irc op and their functions, and if possible, a site that explains what ircops can do.

Posted By: Mentality

Re: ircop help - 14/07/04 03:36 PM

This is dependant upon the IRCd that the server uses and also whether the network uses Services that may aid IRC Operators - for example, OperServ.

Really the only way to find this information is asking the network/server administrator (i.e. your friend) and asking them to tell you what's available. There are often quite a few different levels of IRCop and what is available to one type of oper may not be available to another.

Two commands which are available to all opers are the /kill and /kline commands, which disconnect a user or ban a user from the server respectively.

You could also search Google for information and look for help documents related to the IRCd that you use.

Posted By: Danthemandoo

Re: ircop help - 14/07/04 04:47 PM

heres a .txt file i found ages ago with a load of ircop commands and general stuff. Its mainly for unrealircd, but most stuff should work on other ircd's.


[Edit] I get a page not displayed when i try and click that.
heres a .doc to see if that works:
Posted By: Jason_X

Re: ircop help - 15/07/04 06:51 PM

An irCop wouldn't exactly go around telling people about it...
Posted By: copericus

Re: ircop help - 17/07/04 08:20 AM

An irCop wouldn't exactly go around telling people about it...

uhm an ircop wouldnt go around telling people what? how to be an ircop you mean? uhm well yes we do, Some folks do ask on my network how we become ircops etc and what do we do so we tell them. Being an ircop isnt like being a member of some secret society ya know hehehe
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