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Posted By: bunar

DALnet - 04/07/04 02:26 PM

wtf DAL means anyway?
Posted By: Coolkill

Re: DALnet - 04/07/04 02:35 PM

Dalvenjah FoxFire aka Sven Nielsen - DALnets' "Founder".

Posted By: Mentality

Re: DALnet - 04/07/04 02:37 PM

The nickname of the founder of DALnet is dalvenjah. Back when DALnet was founded the people who used to go there used to say "Let's go over to dal's net" and soon enough it became known as DALnet (officially suggested by MirclMax). The correct way to type DALnet is always DALnet, not dalnet, dal.net, DalNet or other variations.

There is a document which further describes DALnet's creation and growth, aswell as interviews with the network's founders in this document.

Posted By: bunar

Re: DALnet - 04/07/04 04:49 PM


Posted By: Ddan

Re: DALnet - 07/07/04 12:35 PM

Mentality is thorough, isnt he bunar! laugh
Posted By: bunar

Re: DALnet - 07/07/04 12:57 PM

indeed he is
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