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Posted By: LTK_sNiPe Hey, I'm New! - 26/01/03 12:06 AM
Hey everyone, i'm new to this forum, but i've been using mIRC for like 3 weeks. I see that this is a great community and I will learn a lot here, so i'd just like to say hi to all those veterans and beginners out there! Well, i'll be pretty active here (i think) and i'll try to help others out as well. Late
Posted By: keeker Re: Hey, I'm New! - 26/01/03 12:10 AM
welcome to the forums, we look forward to helping you anyway we can laugh
Posted By: LTK_sNiPe Re: Hey, I'm New! - 26/01/03 12:11 AM
Thanks... I'm in such a mood to make a cool script... Any cool ideas? Anybody wanna make a simple script with me? If you got aim, my sn is Brownsix32
Posted By: Merlin Re: Hey, I'm New! - 26/01/03 01:36 PM
For Scripting Tutorials goto this web page [/url] - Additional help on Scripting c...s/tips.php]here Maybe this helps you - also do not forget to read the /help
Posted By: khorfinator Re: Hey, I'm New! - 29/01/03 09:55 PM
hey i used to get a looooot of my [deleted by moderator] know i cant find any good servers to get all the new albums and mp3s, anybody have any suggestions for good servers and channels???? thanks shocked
Posted By: _D3m0n_ Re: Hey, I'm New! - 29/01/03 11:26 PM
Posted By: ParaBrat Re: Hey, I'm New! - 30/01/03 04:31 AM
Welcome to mIRC's msg board.

I edited the channel name and network from your post because there was no need to have it there other than as spam. We are here to help with mIRC software. We are not here to help anyone find files:

1. most of what ppl want are illegal to share and doing so is
against AUP of many networks.
2. when ppl d/l from total strangers, there is a very high risk
of getting trojans/virii
3. If you insist on doing so, there are other apps better suited,
like kaaza

I'm unsure of why you added a totally unrelated post to this thread and then repeated it in yet a second unrelated post.
There is no need to post the same thing twice, and if you want to start a new subject, start a new thread please.

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