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Selecting the entire chat

Posted By: mouseman

Selecting the entire chat - 20/01/03 06:30 PM

I hate not being able to select an entire chat in mIRC... Every time I want to copy/paste a larger part of the chat i have to do it screen by screen.I hate that. frown
Posted By: ParaBrat

Re: Selecting the entire chat - 20/01/03 06:34 PM

do you mean the number of lines you can copy/paste at once?

if you want to copy everything in the channel, why not just log it? or log the buffer?
Posted By: mouseman

Selecting the entire chat - 20/01/03 06:46 PM

I don't log my chats because I usually use mIRc at shared computers but I think it is just frustrating tah mIrc won't scroll to the next screen while selecting text.
Posted By: ParaBrat

Re: Selecting the entire chat - 20/01/03 07:06 PM

ah, think i see what you mean... if i have several lines i need to copy when i have lots open, usually maxing that window while i do the copy takes care of it...if theres so much that it wont, then i log the buffer and edit it, or turn logging on while whatever it is is being discussed, then turn it off when its over. (in case you didnt know, click your alt key and the - key or click in the upper left of that window to quickly access where you can turn logging on/off)
Posted By: Doqnach

Re: Selecting the entire chat - 20/01/03 11:53 PM

in mIRC before 5.9 or so you could select text bigger then 1 viewable screen, you just keep pulling down with your mouse pointer and the screen would scroll down and the selection kept it's original origin. now when you select and scroll down the origin is changed to the same posistion (if availible) on the next line...

I too find this very anoying, only way to solve it is to "save buffer" (right click on channel button in the window list > buffer > save as)
Posted By: Watchdog

Re: Selecting the entire chat - 21/01/03 06:42 AM

Just cut and paste from the channel log.
Posted By: v0id

Re: Selecting the entire chat - 22/01/03 12:03 AM

"The limitation
You can only copy the currently displayed text. To copy text from another page, you must scroll up/down to it and then copy it. If you want to store most of the text you see on a channel, you might want to use the logfile/buffer options in the System Menu.

The explanation
The use of color in mIRC means that a simple text box cannot be used since text boxes can display only plain text (and they also have other limitations). However, text boxes also have built in cut/copy/paste routines which unfortunately are unavailable to a graphic window. This means that I had to code the mark/copy routine myself. I'm not sure which ran out first, my patience or my programming ability :-)"
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