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Posted By: LucasD I think I have found a trojan affecting 6.12 - 14/03/04 10:06 PM
I connected to IRC with mIRC 6.12 this afternoon and with in minutes there was an instance of net.exe and net1.exe showing up in my processes menu under the task menu, then it started replicating ipconfig.exe and I did not have any of these issues while not connected to IRC.
1) Which mirror did you download from?
- There is next to NO chance that any of the download mirrors on www.mirc.com/get.html (the ONLY official place to download from) contain a trojaned mIRC client. That is the ONLY place you should download mIRC from - and the latest version is 6.14.

2) Clean your system of all trojans and viruses properly, reboot, install mIRC 6.14 and then connect. See if the same thing happens. See this post and this page for some virus assistance.

Hope this helps and stops this strange behaviour smile

sound like you are infected with global threat bot.

run msconfig and see for anything weird in your startup.
if find any. go look for exe and kill it from your taskmgr then do file search on your c:\
they always resides into system files.

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