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hosting my own server

Posted By: masterofpuppets

hosting my own server - 27/02/04 10:11 AM

I want to host my own IRC server but I don't know what software to use. I need to know some decent windows servers to use.
Posted By: Online

Re: hosting my own server - 27/02/04 10:21 AM

For Windows, try Unreal.
Posted By: masterofpuppets

Re: hosting my own server - 27/02/04 10:27 AM

Ok, I'm downloading it now!
Posted By: KG6NCL

Re: hosting my own server - 03/03/04 09:05 PM

Ok, its been a while since ive posted... I am working on creating my own IRC network as well.. Im not sure exactly what OS i am going to be running either linux, or windows 2k. Unreal IRCd does run on win2k as i seen on the website i belive. I need to know information about it, in idiot terms because ive never done anything like this. I need to know what services are good and sturdy, and arent stupid...(that work all on windows) and i need an IRCd to run on the server im building.
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