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Favorite threads issue (Board not mirc)

Posted By: landonsandor

Favorite threads issue (Board not mirc) - 22/01/04 06:04 PM

Ok, I have a total of 8 listed favorite threads (all from different groups here). I just clicked on view all and it only listed 6 of them. Is this a bug? If not, how do I get around it? Also, (side note) it would be nice if we could sort the favorite threads alphabetically or via date or something
Posted By: Krejt

Re: Favorite threads issue (Board not mirc) - 22/01/04 06:47 PM

I have no idea if you can only see a maximum of 6 favorite threads, or if this is a bug. I never used the favorites. If you think there is something wrong you could report this to the creator of the messageboard. But I guess a bug like this might already have been fixed in a newer version. I'll try to find a weekend in the near future to update the boards on mIRC.com. I try to refrain from making more changes and improvements to the boards (like your sort request) because of time contraints, and the hassle to update to a newer version...
Posted By: landonsandor

Re: Favorite threads issue (Board not mirc) - 22/01/04 06:50 PM

I'd be willing to bet something this minor probably ahs been reported since I DONT use a lot of the features like SOME people probably do. Should it become an easy thing to make modifications in the future and have them kept in regards to upgrading, then I'd love to see this feature, otherwise, the boards are fine the way they are smile
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