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Posted By: ELY_M What programming books did Khaled read ? - 19/12/03 11:45 AM
I would like to know what book he has read before ?
I know Khaled had read programming books about 10 years ago.

I already read the books section on his website

I read practical Visual C++ 6.0 and some Sams books and Micrsoft press MFC programming, and other books on Visual C++ 6.0 programming.

We're a lot of things, but psychic is not one of them :P

I've never seen Khaled post anything about what he used to read (in regards to coding), but I don't know if someone helps here that knows him well and happens to know. Maybe you'll be lucky enough to get a reply from Krejt or Khaled himself smile - Of course, it is possible he didn't read any books!

From Khaled's FAQ:

Question: In which language is mIRC written?
Answer: mIRC is written in a mixture of C/C++, in pure win32 code, and compiled under Visual Studio .Net Pro.

You could try emailing him too - Khaled at mIRC dot com

Posted By: ELY_M Re: What programming books did Khaled read ? - 20/12/03 12:54 AM
I already emailed him last week.
I guess he is busy.
I would like to see other replies too.

He gets hundred emails per day... he sure need some time to read them all and to replay to some of those... smile
"He gets hundred emails per day"

heh, more like thousands...so ppl do need to be patient and put very clear subject lines in their emails.
Posted By: ELY_M Re: What programming books did Khaled read ? - 26/01/04 08:28 AM
I guess Khaled is secretive about what programming books he had read.

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