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#98014 - 20/09/04 03:29 AM Bad username? Won't connect
pa1n Offline
Mostly harmless

Registered: 19/09/04
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Here is what happens when I click on connect:

* Connecting to irc.gamesurge.net (6667)
-irc.gamesurge.net- *** Looking up your hostname
-irc.gamesurge.net- *** Checking Ident
-irc.gamesurge.net- *** Found your hostname
Ping? Pong!
Your username is invalid.
Connect with your real username, in lowercase.
If your mail address were foo@bar.com, your username would be foo.
Closing Link: pa1n by Burstfire.UK.EU.GameSurge.net (USER: Bad username)
* Disconnected
* Connect cancelled

no one knows why its doing that lol

#98015 - 20/09/04 07:45 AM Re: Bad username? Won't connect
Coolkill Offline
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Registered: 09/12/02
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Loc: Wales, United Kingdom.
try typing, /fullname [color:red]yourfirstname[/color] in all lowercase.
(i.e., no capitals).


#98016 - 20/09/04 08:43 AM Re: Bad username? Won't connect
wiebe Offline
Babel fish

Registered: 31/05/04
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Loc: Rotterdam, Netherlands
username is the email address setting in mirc, just change that to all lowercase letters and you should be able to connect. take a look at gamesurge's website, im sure they deal with this problem somewhere on it. if not, you can visit quakenet's website, http://www.quakenet.org/faq/faq.php?c=4&f=135#135.


#98017 - 21/09/04 06:54 PM Re: Bad username? Won't connect
Mentality Offline
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I added help with this problem in the enable identd thread some time ago, there have also been a large number of threads in the past about this error - it's a good idea to use the Search feature before posting - expand to 'All Forums' and 'All Posts' when doing so for best results smile