Ok, first, yes I know very well that mIRC isn't made to support *nix systems and someone will tell me there are much better IRC clients for *nix that are native and all, but don't bother, please. Yes I know it is something that wine hasn't fully done to make things compatible with win32, but this is specific to mIRC within the wine setting. And I'm asking for a workaround, not a fix (but a fix would be cool, as would a native client {haha})

I would like to know if there is a function to call a redraw of a dialog box. facts on #mirc@efnet didn't know, said to post on the forums, and I said I didn't want to be flammed, so please don't.

When on w2k as my primary system, I wrote a script using dialogs. The relevant section of dialog code (and edited) is as follows:
dialog Manager {
  title "My Manager"
  size -1 -1 250 150
  option dbu
  tab "Management", 1, 0 -2 249 136
  scroll "", 199, 237 38 8 92, hide tab 1 range 0 1
  box "", 110, 74 35 163 27, tab 1
  box "", 120, 74 58 163 27, tab 1
  button "", 111, 74 38 163 23, hide tab 1 multi
  button "", 121, 74 61 163 23, hide tab 1 multi
  tab "Configuration", 2

The box and button items are actually 4 long (instead of 2 as the code has), and each box has a corresponding button that takes up the same space on screen. But I only want one of them visible at a time (either box or button, not both). The box shows where the button would be, but when empty, clearly doesn't look like a button.

In my code, I do basically the following (but loop style): did -h Manager 120 | did -v Manager 121
This will only activate 121 IF I change the text of 121. I can't actually -h anything and have it show up on screeen, and I can't -v any item I can't change text on (like scroll bars).

Said that, if I change tabs and then come back (from the code: /did -f Manager 1,2 but not /did -f Manager 1) or change windows to something that completly covers the area, and then flip back, it redraws. SO all of this is to say, is there a call (perhaps a dialog one, but /dialog -a Manager doesn't work, nor does -a on any of the individual items) I can make that would force the screen to re-draw?

And once again, please, just possible solutions other than not using
Wine. Most applicable to the other (few) Wine users, but perhaps an undocumented dialog refresh command?

And for anyone who searches and finds this article, I learned you can get rid of that weird ascii character inside of script files after using the mIRC scripts editor if you run mIRC from a fat32 partition instead of from ext3.