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#89854 - 09/07/04 10:17 PM Stupid question
Deadxeye Offline
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Ok i know most commands with mIRC but yet when i join a channel with whom i friends with, they tell me to OP. How would i go about doing this?

#89855 - 09/07/04 10:48 PM Re: Stupid question
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When you op up in a channel it means you get the little '@' symbol next to your nickname. You cannot op yourself with a command, but there may be a 3rd party that can op you - you can only be opped by someone else with op status OR with a channel service if the network supports it.

If you have access to any bots then ask your friends for the command to op up with it. You may also try /msg bot-nickname help.

If your network has a channel service such as ChanServ, X, Q or L, then you may want to op yourself with that - ask in the #Help channel or again, ask your friends who are ops, how to do this.



#89856 - 10/07/04 08:42 AM Re: Stupid question
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Just to add onto this, there's no such thing as a stupid question, though it may be pointless to ask, I don't think so much as it to be stupid

#89857 - 10/07/04 04:20 PM Re: Stupid question
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I personally find it more stupid not daring to ask, than asking wink

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