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#88660 - 30/06/04 01:39 PM mirc 6.14 ports hidden??
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hello. i hit a rock bottom when i had to find out where the dcc port ranges were located. teh normal root to them is /dcc/options and there is starting and ending range. thats with -6.03 but with 6.14 where are tehy located because i do need the ranges changed or are teh defaults same 1024-5000?? dont you think that is 1 hell of a wide range to have openeded only for the sake of a dcc option. please reply btw this only happens if i connect to a server thats ona diffrent port other then 6667-7000 eg 9000. this will prevent me from dcc'ing i do have 9000 opened and 6667-7000.
thx in advance

#88661 - 30/06/04 03:03 PM Re: mirc 6.14 ports hidden??
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