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#84761 - 31/05/04 04:13 PM help me with Channel Limiter
McFish Offline
Pikka bird

Registered: 09/04/04
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How can i use a timer to take the Channel Limiter delayed in 2 mins with this :

on *:join:#channel { dolimit }
on *:part:#channel { dolimit }
on *:quit:#channel { dolimit }
alias dolimit {
mode #channel +l $calc($nick(#channel,0) + 2)

Thank You !

#84762 - 31/05/04 04:35 PM Re: help me with Channel Limiter
xxxYODAxxx Offline
Vogon poet

Registered: 29/03/04
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on *:join:#channel:{ dolimit }
on *:part:#channel:{ timerlimit off }
on *:quit:{ timerlimit off }
alias dolimit {
timerlimit 0 120 mode #channel +l $calc($nick(#channel,0) + 2)

the above will check every 2 minutes while you remain in the channel and halt the timer when you part or quit. replace ALL #channel's with the channel you wish it to run on of course smile

hope it helps - cheers
sometimes these are as bad as quit messages :tongue:

#84763 - 01/06/04 01:37 AM Re: help me with Channel Limiter
landonsandor Offline
Hoopy frood

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slight change there:

on me:*:part:#channel:{ timerlimit off }

Otherwise it'll halt the timer for ALL parts not just you
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