I would like to see, if possible, a new feature which makes it so you can send midi commands directly to the midi device, instead of only having the option of playing a file. I would like to be able to have my script play a generated midi sequence. Could you also then select midi instruments and every aspect of a midi file but not actually using a file, just a direct stream? Also, how about an event to warn that the buffer is nearly empty, so that the script wouldn't have to generate the whole sequence at once but playing would be uninterrupted?

The ON KEYDOWN event (to my knowledge) has no way to HALT a key from being further processed. I use ctrl+R in one of my scripts for "redo" but it also wants to put a "reverse" color code in the edit box. It beeps when there is no editbox. Can we have a way to halt the key from being sent to the edit box?