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#84264 - 27/05/04 10:16 AM niklyst
jinkx Offline
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say the nick 'trout' is in the nicklist
you type 'trout^' in the channel and mirc thinks its in the nicklist

and yup, the post icons 'need work' too laugh ^''^

#84265 - 27/05/04 10:40 AM Re: niklyst
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1. I am lost as far as what you are looking for is concerned.
2. The icons were made by the forum's author. Complain to UBB if they don't comply with your tastes.
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#84266 - 29/05/04 09:47 AM Re: niklyst
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If i understand you correctly:
IF the nickname:
is in the nicklist, or in the channel,
and you type:
in the edit box, and send it to the channel, mIRC gets confused, and sends it to the Nicklist.

Well, it still makes no sense, but either way, it sounds like a script glitch, turn off all scripts and unload all DLL files,
and try your glitch again, if it still works, repost with better details, and correct spelling.

#84267 - 30/05/04 04:19 PM Re: niklyst
MTec89 Offline
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im pretty sure i know what they mean, if he types Trout^ with Trout in the Nicklist, then it is treated like a normal nick in the nicklist (thumbcursor etc etc)

just tested it it works, major bug if there actually IS a Trout^ in the nicklist because mirc thinks the typed Trout^ means Trout

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#84268 - 30/05/04 04:33 PM Re: niklyst
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I cannot confirm this on mIRC 6.14 with no scripts installed. I tried several combinations, both with /server -m, and a newly opened mIRC client. This does not sound like an mIRC bug, and it doesn't look like it is one either smile


#84269 - 30/05/04 06:25 PM Re: niklyst
Zyzzyx26 Offline
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Couldn't confirm that either on a clean mIRC 6.14.
However, i use PnP and in the script actually looks for a nick similar to the one you specified (only on /whois & /who's)
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#84270 - 30/05/04 09:01 PM Re: niklyst
Iori Offline
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I can reproduce this on v6.14, v6.12 and v6.03. I haven't any earlier vers installed, so perhaps it's even older than 6.03.

#84271 - 06/06/04 11:04 AM Re: niklyst
jinkx Offline
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ok, well since i think only one person got it...
here is what i meant.. yes i did move the mouse...
and yeah, this one goes way back...

i know how to script. this isnt a script\dll\phase of the moon thing either....
because i dont use any scripts.. im not a 'it dosnt work blame khaled' person..
except that old bug that i found with '%t = $mouse.dx $mouse.dy' '/window -pdo..etc.. @win 100 100 %t' one i found when i was doing a mircscripts dot org challenge and running out of time laugh

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#84272 - 07/06/04 05:01 AM Re: niklyst
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<Nick> is clickable even though it's surrounded by two characters that aren't in the nickname. Nicknames can't include <>, but can include ^, so this is a bug.

To see it, try clicking on your nick when you //say < $+ $me $+ > ... $me $+ ^

#84273 - 14/06/04 10:53 AM Re: niklyst
Khaled Offline

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If you click on a word that is surrounded by non-alphanumeric characters, mIRC will try several combinations of that word with or without the alphanumeric characters. This is because nicknames in messages are often surrounded on one side or the other by non-alphanumeric text.

The same issue happens with ^[]{} characters which are legal characters for a nickname that are also often used to surrounded a nickname in a message.

There is no clear way to resolve this without also preventing mIRC from recognizing nicknames surrounded by non-alphanumeric characters.