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#80097 - 21/04/04 04:23 PM mIRC/Computer Lag On Huge Net Splits
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When a netsplit happens in a channel with like 2000 people in it, and a majority of those people are split, then it really lags my mIRC (as in takes like 15 seconds to do one action (not pingwise)), and lags my Computer quite a bit, until the split is finished. I think it could be a number of things. I have logging turned on. Having to log 1000+ lines in an instant could be whats lagging me. Or maybe mIRC just doesn't handle splits all that well. I can't test it without logging because I need to have it on at all times. Does anyone else have this problem? If so, do you know of a way to fix it (other than turning off logging)?

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#80098 - 21/04/04 04:28 PM Re: mIRC/Computer Lag On Huge Net Splits
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My first call would be yes, its overhead due to the writing of the log info.. there is little you can do about this since you need logging (understand why this is often needed (especially if your an op or ircop).. The only other thing I wonder about.. are any of your scripts updating the IAL when folks join/rejoirn.. this could also create a fair amout of overhead when lots of folks re-join at the same time.

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#80099 - 21/04/04 06:09 PM Re: mIRC/Computer Lag On Huge Net Splits
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You could use the ON QUIT event to detect a netsplit, then use /log off and set a timer to use /log on again in 20 seconds. You surely aren't in such desperate need of logs that 20 seconds is going to do any harm?

Might like to see this thread for some tips. Change the code to say .log off and .timer 1 10 .log on - The periods (.) before the commands means that they will not show on the screen, therefore, not disturbing the text on the screen.

Also might want to use the Search feature to look at other threads concerning netsplit detectors - I used 'netsplit detect', expanded to 'And', 'All Forums' and 'All Posts'. Might want to see /help on quit for further info.

Hope this helps smile