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#77378 - 31/03/04 04:54 PM Trouble Configuring mIRC's Colors.
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For the life of me, I cannot figure out how to configure mIRC's color scheme to look like Matrix. Essentially all I want are black and green, but channel bots are still displaying unspecified colors.

Under mirc colors, I've assigned all the text as green, while background black.

As well, is mIRC skinnable? if not, are there plans in the roadmap to make it so?


#77379 - 31/03/04 07:15 PM Re: Trouble Configuring mIRC's Colors.
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channel bots are still displaying unspecified colors.

If you change the colours on your screen then the colours of other people should appear in your screen too - the only time this is not true is if people talk with colours in their text - if they use dark blue or black before their text and you have a black background you're going to find it next to impossible to see what they're saying. Channel bots could be coded to send text to the channel in colour.
Make sure you set "Normal text" to something that can be seen on a black background otherwise other people's text will not, by default, be able to be seen.

"As well, is mIRC skinnable? if not, are there plans in the roadmap to make it so?

As far as full "skinning" capabilities go, no. You can change the background of the toolbar, all the colours of all kinds of text, the switchbar background (switchbar is the bar with all the channel/query tabs in).
Khaled never released information about what he is planning to add in the next version of mIRC, so whether it's in the roadmap or not I cannot say for certain...an educated guess would say no however, the License Agreement reads:

"The mIRC distribution install file may not be distributed as a part of any package, and may not have files added to it or removed from it, and none of its contents may be modified, decompiled, or reverse engineered.

Hope this helps smile